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How to adjust the motorcycle chain accurately?

Accurate adjustment of motorcycle chain:
There are more than three reasons for the chain adjustment.
1, do not understand the repair of knowledge from the start to adjust, mistake the chain tightened. This is a conceptual paste, only to know that the chain adjustment is the field of maintenance, I do not know how to adjust is the accurate standard.
2, because of the severe wear of the toothed chain, but the time or the economy is not allowed, or because the same type of toothed disk can not be purchased at the local time, the chain will be tightly adjusted to keep the vehicle moving.
3, to replace the chain gear, mistakenly lost favores tooth disc to park on the motorcycle, causing the chain suddenly tight suddenly loose, check and adjustment, one encounters loose, the other end is too tight. No matter what kind of reasons caused by the above chain too tight, will thus decrease the use of chain and gear life. When the chain adjustment is too tight, because the contact pressure with the tooth disc increases, the chain is easy to elongate, the chain plate is easily deformed or broken, and the chain roller will also be broken. In addition to this, the tooth disc will also wear and tear too early to make the tooth deformed, and it is serrated when it is severe.
The other, adjust the chain tight, will damage the bearing and the needle shaft (sleeve), rear wheel bearing life buffer will be greatly shortened. This presentation is mainly because the chain tightened, will constitute a larger torque control between the countershaft and the rear wheel mandatory buffer body, in this moment, the operating characteristics of the bearing is damaged, with great force, easy to heat damage. Even if it is not damaged, the gap will increase in a short time. Bearing clearance increases after the operation of the linear countershaft is damaged, the needle bearing will soon be so damaged, the defects will be by the chain gear disk transfer to the engine, thus, accurate and timely adjustment of motorcycle chain tension is very important.
How to adjust the motorcycle chain accurately?
1, timely adjust the tightness of the motorcycle chain in 15mm ~ 20mm is appropriate, often view the buffer on the bearing grease filling, because the bearing working environment is bad, once lost smooth, may greatly damage the bearing, once damaged, will cause the gear disc skew, can make the tooth disc side chain the wear surface, it is easy to make the heavy chain drop.
2, when adjusting the chain, besides adjusting according to the adjustment of the frame chain, we also need to use the eye to investigate whether the gear plate and chain are in the same straight line before and after the survey, because the frame or rear fork is damaged. The rear fork frame is damaged after deformation, then press the scale chain will enter a misunderstanding, think gear chain in the same line, in fact, straight line has been damaged, so this view is very important (remove the chain box when, if it is found that the optimum adjustment) problems should be immediately proofreading, remove troubles, ensure full grasp.
3, to replace the gear disk chain must pay attention to information technology to replace fine quality product (general special repair station accessories, so contrast specification) can extend its use life.
Must not be cheap and buy substandard goods, especially gear unqualified, eccentric lost garden once more, bought a replacement, it will be found that the chain suddenly tight suddenly loose, unpredictable results.
4, often view the rear fork buffer rubber sleeve and the wheel fork and wheel fork shaft cooperation gap, the gap because of the transverse cooperation request rear fork and frame the cautious, up and down motion sensitive calm, as long as so to ensure the rear fork and the frame can form a whole and does not affect the damping effect after the shock of the. The connection between the rear wheel fork and the frame is realized through the fork shaft, and is equipped with a buffer sleeve. Because the quality of the domestic cushion product is not very stable, so it is particularly easy to show a loose view. Once the joint area is loose and loose, when the motorcycle starts or accelerates, the rear wheel will move under the control of the chain. The size of the displacement depends on the extent of the damage of the rubber sleeve. In addition, the rear wheel has a clear movement sensation. This is also one of the important causes of the chain tooth disk damage, and should be more attention and attention.
5, regular cleaning chain, tooth plate, timely filling grease, with rain and snow and muddy roads, should strengthen the protection of the chain and gear wheel, so as long as the talent extension chain gear disk using life.
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