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Motorcycle self driving travel equipment full strategy

As a common trip, the first thing to consider is "time", "character" and "place". During the tour, we should avoid major holidays as much as possible so as not to turn "riding" into "pushing" motorcycles. These contents are all basic knowledge and will no longer be introduced. Here are some of the things that are related to the "motorcycle".
Comfort: according to the terrain features of the road, and the distance of riding, choose the right model. From the point of view, the car is not suitable the motorcycle trip.
Load: your motorcycle needs hooks, shelves, and boxes that can be loaded with luggage.
Endurance: riding distance in a full oil state, this data, you have to be in mind.
Durability: your motorcycle has a good reputation. At the same time, your regular maintenance should be good enough. In this way, the car can be avoided in the journey. Before starting, be sure to check the car carefully, especially the front and back lights, brake and so on.
A simple toolbox (including spare inner tube, tyre wrench, motorcycle inflator, lubricating oil and tire repair agent), usually keeps some motorcycle consumables (spark plugs, front and rear bulbs, brake lines, etc.).
The basic equipment: quality helmet, protective face (towel, headscarf), formal apparel (jacket and trousers with shoulder, elbow and back protective gear) and gloves for motorcycle, which is standard, no more narrative.
Bring a backpack with a certain waterproof property (preferably with reflective stripes). Knapsack can not only store things (try to load light and soft goods, but hard stuff in the trunk), and also bring some protection to riders when they are thrown. The quality of the knapsack should be guaranteed, the size is suitable, and the sewn is strong.
Shoes: considering the characteristics of the destination and the factors of the season. Climbing shoes, running shoes and other preferred wear comfortable shoes (upper wrapped ankle can increase safety). You can get a couple of sports tows so that they can be used when it's raining or on the beach.
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