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Are you clear about the types of motorcycles?

A sports car is also called a race or a road race. The car is as famous as its name - the shape is like a racing car and it can run on the road. With the appearance of area of the fairing, separate seats, split the low handlebar shape is very handsome and cool, I think a lot of people chose road race, and ran to the. (don't say you are not, I am, girls remember, men are always visual animals)
As the car is the biggest characteristic of natural light to turn green. Can run off minutes instantly disappeared in the oncoming traffic, the car taillight is invisible, but the loud exhaust also echoed in the air? The Diao went to the sky and went to the sky.
So, you can think so can run is not good, the displacement in 600cc - 1400cc, HP are 140hp to 200HP level, upside down to the four shock absorber, piston brake system, after the first 120 sport tires 180 is the basic configuration, and to many more advanced electronic systems, power output there are also several block adjustable assembly hit four high-tech also ~
Although such high-tech, but the generation for Trackmania set in daily driving but also some disadvantages: like sitting very low lying, long time driving back cushion is not easily, quiet trend, long time driving is to butt test, and the powerful 4 cylinder engine with a heatwave not every hour and moment "warm" with your long legs or short legs. The engine of high speed is not full of power in the low speed range, frequent shift and heavy clutch make your left hand seem to be in the grip of the grip. But this is the price of handsome. There is no such thing as handsome in the world. There is no real handsome. There is no reason why it is ugly. There are reasons for everything. It's really interesting to learn to appreciate its strengths and accept its shortcomings.
Representative model:
Augusta f4rr
But in recent years with the concept of low carbon environmental protection are also popular manufacturers in order to grab the low-end market launched a small displacement road race, displacement control in 250cc - 350CC, the machine from the 4 cylinder engine of the pursuit of high speed and large horsepower to focus on double cylinder low speed torque and single cylinder engine horsepower city walking is good enough, the shape is still sharp, the price of natural people a lot, also let a lot of lower Knights have the appropriate entry car driving training. Such a good thing in massive hands in favour of.
Representative model:
Kawasaki ninja300
Honda cbr300r
Named as the name implies, for street riding motorcycle. It has no car integrated fairing, exposed to the mechanical sense of beauty, the power is not lost on cars, but sitting more comfortable, more suitable for everyday driving, but the speed of more than 120km/h after the resistance will be relatively large, long time high speed cruise Knight would be in wind. Pain in the low temperature in autumn and winter are easily after driving for a long time due to the lack of the aerodynamics but you didn't wear windproof good riding clothes, it will soon be cold wind blowing a cripple. The models generally do not have the electric heating handle, no adjustable windshield to help you resist the wind, is the most suburban city transport models, and now good, don't often riding a motorcycle trip to this guy, it is not used to do this, although there have been men riding a small pedal into Tibetan precedent, but the process the pain, only the owner can understand.
Now the domestic large cars like the Dragon BJ600GS, Dongfeng 650NK, LONCIN LX650 will also choose to launch a version, which can also be confirmed by everyone on the streetcar acceptance is very high, also confirmed after everyone in the car is going to play enough round a motorcyclist dream of yourself, the domestic big launch is to be encouraged but, perhaps because the motorcycle produced in the twenty or thirty years before what actually did not improve too much, resulting from the 125 cylinder at the eggs jumped into the long era China motorcycle enterprise's quality control problem has been solved very well, you in the cycling process met what vehicle Title welcome message to see which is greatly benefit by mutual discussion. That is the case, in common, manufacturers fail to live up to the situation, we can only rely on the masses to solve the problem. The clever.
Representative model:
Ducati monster
Honda CB series
Kawasaki Z series
And the car is the same as mentioned above have a large displacement now reduce the displacement reduce the weight of the car started to cater to more consumers, Qianjiang made Blaupunkt dragon 300250, or even 150 are out, Dongfeng 150nk against a direct (400nk also to join the growing fire situation this year, LONCIN) such as 200 and 150 displacement of a handsome domestic hot car market to snatch together. I need Car Buying greatly, these beautiful small displacement car is very suitable for city walking appearance handsome, dynamic enough, is mainly the maintenance is also very convenient, very recommend new riders to choose this kind of small displacement car entry. Those who have long ruled Chinese motorcycle market 125 today we did not discuss Kazakhstan, and awareness laosanyang greatly that the wood literacy necessary?
Representative model:
SUZUKI gw250
Lan Baolong 300
Dongfeng 150nk
Retro car
This is a category of the most sought after, do not know what time, we began to contact the vintage of this concept, tooling boots, red ear tannin Levi, with retro helmet and sunglasses with a blessing, and then through the years baptism original locomotive, its charm index greatly to individual


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