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Ten secrets you don't know about the maintenance and maintenance of a motorcycle

First of all, I believe that the first thing you think of car maintenance is oil bar. The first mistake I want to say is the selection of oil.
Misunderstandings 1: over believe in total synthesis.
It is considered that total synthesis is good. What cars can be used? It is often seen that 125 people use total synthesis, which is actually wrong. Oil is not always fully synthesized. Sometimes the fully synthetic oil will cause your car to fail.
For example, the top rod of the machine, can not be used because the total synthesis, total synthesis of low viscosity, fan heat function is not good, and the push rod engine is the most high requirements for air cooling, oil viscosity, general Hadley rod V2, prohibited the use of total synthesis, BMW level on the most the engine is prohibited to use the total synthesis of these cars, if long-term use of total synthesis will be thrown easily cylinder, valve clearance increases and so on.
Misunderstanding two: the adjustment of idle speed.
There are so many people in my contact and a lot of riders in the process of love the idle adjustment is very low, some at 800 rpm, the actual car, idle speed is low, the crankshaft is not good, the small chain of small car chain is easily stretched, why is it so, that because the crankshaft inertia is insufficient, so the idle car is very low under the shock amplitude, the impact force of each component will also change.
Misunderstanding three: the selection of gasoline labeling.
As you may all know, the higher the compression ratio is, the higher the corresponding label of the gasoline is. But I think some people don't know what this is because of it. Some people use 95 of 125 to think that the higher the label is, the better it is.
The grade of gasoline antiknock, on behalf of the gasoline, also said gasoline grade is higher, the burning speed is slower, it is also able to withstand the higher compression ratio, if a 92 gasoline car, you long time plus the number 95, which will lead to the combustion of gasoline is not clean the engine valve even weakness, carbon leakage, serious still black smoke.
It's like, you need a car with No. 95 gasoline, with No. 92 gasoline, which will knock out, break the valve, start a rebound, and so on.
Misunderstanding four: the misunderstanding of the adjustment of valve clearance.
When it comes to valve clearance, we have to say what valve clearance can affect. Some people are wrong when they adjust the valve and want to be quiet. Some people think that there is something wrong with valve clearance, which is nothing serious. This is also bad.
In the first place, the gap between the valves affects the ventilation of the whole idea, and affects the period of the burning of the thought, which is the time of gasoline burning after the ignition. Then what is the effect after the tightening of the valve? The answer is that the sound will be quiet, but the period of combustion is shorter, the fuel consumption is increased, the temperature of the cylinder is increased, the idea sticker is not easy to burn, the idle speed is unstable, and so on. Then, if the valve clearance is too large and the valve clearance is too large, it will make the combustion period longer, the power of the car will drop, the voice will increase, and the high speed valve will easily fall off.
Misunderstanding five: familiarity with the gear position and the familiarity with the traction and braking.
The first use of stalls, some people love with traction and braking engine very much, this in a reasonable range is accurate, but in the unfair position is not accurate, like you said, in 5 when the normal running speed in 4 gear traction brake, although the car will not be significant iambic sense is harmful to the hair, but the idea that there is downhill traction and braking with this idea, don't use too low gear, too low gear traction braking is a car, especially a chain and a buffer body, so how accurate the traction and braking? That is how you use a few upslopes to use a few downhill, with several files to use a few files, so that is normal, standard traction braking.
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